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In this hour long workshop I’ll show you exactly what stop motion is,  how easy it is to create magic for your clients and break down the numbers so you can see how profitable learning this skill is.

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In an oversaturated digital market, it takes more than pretty content to genuinely engage a customer. It requires strategy and a touch of magic.

At Oui Create, we conjure dynamic and captivating content that will strike a chord with your audience, charming them into action. Whether you’re looking to increase brand affinity, inspire engagement or make sales, we’ll curate custom solutions to suit your current goals, whatever they may be.

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Ready to stand out from the competition? Our creative studio specializes in animated content like stop motion, enchanting audiences through unique and eye-catching imagery that connects and converts. We infuse your brand's personality and charisma into every project so your brand looks and feels extraordinary. 

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We'll bring your brand to life - literally.

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This is your personal invitation into our studio for an unfiltered look into Claire's ​exact​ method for creating on brand stop motion for commercial clients. If you want an all-access pass to her tried-and-true creative process that ​works​, Magic Through Motion is a must-have.

Fast-track your growth with the best portfolio booster in the game: stop motion animation.

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Ready to ditch your 9-5 & turn your side hustle into a career? Claire will help you hone your creative expression, grow your business and land dream clients.   

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- Marketing director, modcloth

Oui Create has been an absolute joy to work with. They have amazing ideas and are able to take a concept and run with it. The studio created still photography and stop motion video for us that has captured the spirit of Modcloth perfectly. Not only is their content high quality, but their quick turnaround times has saved us on more than one occasion. Thank you! 

I've got nothing but amazing things to say about Oui Create. It's not everyday you come across creatives who live across the country, yet feel like they are a part of your team. Without much direction, they just 'get' our brand and seem to know exactly what we need. Whenever we need new visuals, they work collaboratively, with a structured process and execute quickly. 

- planeaire

- Skyroam

“Oui Create takes your brand’s creativity and marketing to the next level. Even when you're unsure of how to convey your message, they advise the best option for amazing results! Thanks to them, our new stop motion Pinterest ad just went viral. Awesome communication and professionalism - they never disappoint!”


The team at Oui Create couldn't have been more professional or creative. I came to them with an idea and they quickly came back to me with a well thought out vision. The final product far surpassed my expectations. The timing, music, movement, it all came together beautifully. I can't recommend Claire and her team enough!