What if I told you that by learning this one  skill, clients would be lining up to work with you?

It’s time to invest in your future and fast-track your growth with the best portfolio booster in the game:

Introducing Magic Through Motion

This course is fun - without the fluff to help photographers grow their animation skills and portfolio, fast​. Say goodbye to suffering through confusion and scavenging the internet for stop motion tutorials by creators who have no advertising experience. If you’re ready to dig into the strategy and technical skills of creating scroll-stopping animations, you’re in the right place. Magic Through Motion is here to teach you the ins and outs of creating branded stop motions from start to finish AND how to manage future clients.

This course is fun - without the fluff to help photographers grow their animation skills and portfolio, fast​. Say goodbye to suffering through confusion and scavenging the internet for stop motion tutorials by creators who have no advertising experience. If you’re ready to dig into the strategy and technical skills of creating scroll-stopping animations, you’re in the right place. Magic Through Motion is here to teach you the ins and outs of creating branded stop motions from start to finish AND how to manage future clients like a pro.

(Oh, and it’s the only course on the market that will teach you both...all while building a new portfolio)

The corners of YouTube are full of men in their basements trying to teach you how to make a ball of clay move, and you deserve better than that. That’s why I created Magic Through Motion - so capable, eager photographers like you can learn how to bring a product to life and make your client's next ad go viral.

wait, woah! tell me more.

a step-by-step guide to stop motion animation for c​reative
entrepreneurs who want to majorly level up their animation skills.

a step-by-step guide to stop motion animation for
c​reative entrepreneurs who want to majorly level up their animation skills.

get ready to...

Master advanced animation techniques

Build an irresistible  branded portfolio

Become your
client's secret weapon

Who is this course for?

The professional product photographer who wants to stand out from their competition and create compelling ads for their clients 

The tech-savvy creator in search of an innovative way to generate income

The in-house creative aspiring to accelerate their brand's growth 

The creative blogger ready to take their brand partnerships to the next level 

Or any confident photographer ready to
make moves and to work from home.

If you’re feeling…

FRUSTRATED - trying to stand out of the crowd in a sea of photographers, taking on countless small budget projects that leave you totally drained

OVERWHELMED - by the technical side of animation, creating content that sells instead of just looking cool, clearly communicating your ideas to clients  

INSECURE - setting boundaries with your clients, brainstorming creative ideas without copying others, pitching to new clients confidently  

Did you just nod your head and say ​‘yesss, please help’​ to any of the above? Then you’re in the right place! 

You're an ambitious creative ready to learn a new skill that will allow you to stand out and earn more income. 

Magic Through Motion will give you the technical tools, step-by-step guidance and support you need to add stop motion
 animation to your portfolio.

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Why learn stop motion now? Let me fill you in on a little secret…

+ Are excited to learn advanced animation skills
+ Dream of creating strategic, branded stop motion for clients
+ Prefer to learn at your own pace with a clear action plan
+ Can't wait for a new revenue stream for your business 
+ Want to take on higher paying projects that take less time
+ Are ready to kick imposter syndrome to the curb and start confidently striving towards your goals. 
+ Need a friend in your corner guiding and cheering you on!

..and I'm spilling the
tea on how I land 
profitable partnerships

yes! tell me more...

This course is for you if you

There’s not enough skilled animators for all the brands who want content.  As an studio owner,  it's been a
challenge to grow the team because skill levels are either too low, or advanced animators are too busy. 

By the end of this course you'll

+ Understand how to break down any intimidating stop motion transition frame by frame into approachable steps
+ Bring your work to life with an easy editing workflow 
+ Confidently price yourself based on your current skill level 
+ Effortlessly manage your clients’ needs throughout the entire animation process while setting healthy boundaries 
+ Attract your dream clients with new portfolio work that shows off your new skills establishes you as an expert 

Hey there, I’m Claire - commercial stop motion animator, creative director, educator, and your new go-to girl for all things animation.

Throughout the last 10 years, I’ve created animated content for some of the world’s ​biggest​ brands while working as a freelancer, director of a creative studio owned by the New York Times, and for my own boutique creative studio, Oui Create. I have a BFA in Animation from the Otis College of Art and Design, and I eat-sleep-breathe all things stop motion.

Long story short: I know what brands are looking for when they hire a creative.

...which is why I’m going to pull back the curtain on my ​entire​ creative production process that took me years​ of trial and error to master, so you can uplevel your business and learn how to create show-stopping content ​in​ ​just ​one​ week.

 If you want an all-access pass to my tried-and-true creative process,
Magic Through Motion is a must-have.

Throughout this self-paced course there will be​ 5 portfolio challenges​ to help you develop your creative muscles with your own unique flair. I’ll guide you through branded stop motion examples step-by-step,  then challenge you to do the same based on your own style and goals. We’ll cover 5 different animation techniques so that you'll end this course with a portfolio you can show off to your favorite clients, stat.

Guided Portfolio Challenges

Let's be real with each other for a minute, shall we?

I totally get that stop motion can feel intimidating. Maybe you don’t feel creative enough, or that the technical skills feel like ​a lot​ to tackle​. But ​​I promise that I'll be here to hold your hand through ​every single step​​.​​ By the end of this course, you’ll know how to break down any intimidating stop motion transition into bite size pieces you can approach with confidence.

5 new portfolio pieces?!

What's Inside


action-packed video modules


individual lessons


guided portfolio challenges


a Resource library full of worksheets and templates

Magic Through Motion goes beyond the *pretty* content. Throughout these 7 modules, you'll learn how to strategically create content that connects with specific audiences
and makes you stand out as a profitable secret weapon to brands.

This course includes:

To ensure we approach our upcoming portfolio challenges with ​dialed in strategy​, we’re diving into creating a​ portfolio with intention.

You’ll learn how to...
✓ Define your ideal client and build your portfolio with them in mind
✓ Dial in on your own style and goals with our Brand Style &
Portfolio Challenge Guide
✓ Pick a niche for your portfolio challenge
✓ Create a portfolio that sells

Module 01.

Building A Portfolio to
Attract Dream Clients

Crafting a scene that will captivate your clients audience and sell their
product needs to be approached strategically. I'm sharing my process for crafting shot lists, developing dialed in art direction, presenting ideas to clients, and prepping for a successful shoot day before arriving on set.

You’ll learn how to...
✓ Create a strategic shot list based on your clients goals
✓ Develop art direction and styling for your scene
✓ Build a streamlined creative proposal for your clients
✓ Helpful prop styling tools
and tricks
✓ Plan ahead for all of the logistics of a successful shoot day

Module 02.

Pre-Production - From
Strategy To Styling

There's no “undo” button when it comes to shooting stop motion. Everything has to be ​perfect​ in camera to avoid a reshoot. So we’re starting with stop motion fundamentals and best practices. We're also digging into lighting options and helpful setups for consistent videos that don't flicker!

You’ll learn how to...
✓ Create your own stop motion with a simple process
✓ Avoid common pitfalls that can quickly sink your animation’s quality
✓ Choose the best lighting method for your scene
✓ Setup three of my favorite studio lighting setups
✓ And you’ll be introduced to your first portfolio challenge!

Module 03.

Stop Motion Basics & Best Practices

Ready to make some magic? In this module, you’re getting a front row seat to all the advanced tools and tricks of the trade. These techniques will take your portfolio to the next level, so put your hair in a ponytail and let’s get to work.

You’ll learn how to...
✓ Break down complicated stop motion transitions 
✓ Animate with advanced techniques like replacements, rigs, growing an object with claymation, colliding objects, cutting objects and more
✓ Direct hand models during a stop motion scene
And you’ll complete your final four portfolio challenges utilizing your fancy new skills!

Module 04.

Advanced stop motion Techniques

That's a wrap! The shoot is over and now the magic comes alive. I’m sharing my exact method for editing a smooth stop motion, adding sound and patching up a mistake. 

You’ll learn how to...
✓ Cull and color grade images in Lightroom
✓ Edit your stop motion in After Effects and Premiere Pro
✓ Create seamless looping videos
✓ Use spot correction in Photoshop to patch a rig or mistake 
✓ Add sound effects to your videos
✓ Render and compress your video for digital platforms

Module 05.

Post-Production: Editing It All Together

Ready to expertly guide your clients through the stop motion process? Streamlined client communication is ​vital for a successful project. I’m giving you my best tips for creating clear and professional boundaries and setting expectations with your clients. We'll also be diving into business policies that protect you.

You’ll learn how to...
✓ Communicate professionally using agency and marketing slang
✓ Use my time saving, buttoned up stop motion process for clients 
✓ Get paid upfront and negotiate with ease
✓ Implement business policies and contract clauses that protect you and your time.

Module 06.

Managing your clients like a pro

Now that you’re a stop motion guru, you only need two more things: an updated portfolio and clients to work with! We’ll update your portfolio in a way that​ ​connects with your dream clients, and you’ll learn the best ways to confidently pitch projects to them.
I'm sharing exactly what's worked for me - with helpful templates.

You’ll learn how to...
✓ Develop your own pricing and packages
✓ Learn the basics of copyrights and licensing content
✓ Strategically update your portfolio for connection  
✓ Social media tips for getting hired
✓ Pitch to clients confidently (with 
a variety of email templates)

Module 07.

Pricing, Pitching & Digital Marketing

Did someone say bonus?!

always included:

By using this client welcome guide when a potential client reaches out to you, you will immediately set the tone for your working relationship and put those healthy boundaries in place. From your creative process to timelines to animation-specific business policies, this clear and customizable template will safeguard your project and your time.

Customizable Client Welcome Guide for Animation

Want to expand your network of clients and learn how to introduce yourself confidently? This guide shares practical tips and best practices for reaching out to clients today. There’s also a variety of customizable email templates provided so you have ample direction to get started.


Clearly presenting your creative concepts to clients is essential when it comes to animation. This thoughtful, customizable template allows you to organize your concepts and art direction during pre-production. From storyboards and props to moodboards and budget breakdowns, you’ll have everything you need to communicate your creative ideas.


Make your client experience smooth from the start using my exact client management process. I’m each step of my process, including my comprehensive client intake form, shot lists template, and timeline examples to help you craft the best possible experience for your clients from start to finish.

Client process
Timeline & Checklist

Art school doesn’t exactly teach the marketing terminology necessary to communicate with the best in the biz -- and being able to speak your clients’ language is a must. This glossary will get you up to speed on all the latest marketing lingo so you can wow creative directors and sales teams with your dialed-in slang.

for creatives

This course is not a one-and-done deal when it comes to learning from me. I am 100% committed to your ongoing success and will be here to answer your questions and provide feedback as you make your way through the course and beyond. 


"I’ve been working with Claire on my content creation business and in the first two months have already landed FOUR large clients who I never would have even dreamed of working with before her coaching! She not only helped me learn skills to improve my brand work and portfolio, but also built up my confidence to keep on succeeding and improving! I’m so glad to have her guidance and expertise from this course."

"...in the first two months have already landed *four* large clients."

- Lisa Walsh

"This is such a fun course, I truly recommend it! Claire provides you with all the stop motion guidance you need. I was also able to participate in a one to one mentor session and it made such a difference to see the animation come to life in person. Claire’s patient, easy to get along with, and very helpful. She'll break down everything step by step while explaining in the process so you get the full scope of how stop motion works. It was a pleasure to take her class and will definitely come back for more mentoring!"

"Claire provides you with all the stop motion guidance you need."

- Jesssica Paredes

"I’m so happy I chose Claire! Since being a mentee with her the past three months I’ve been able to lay a foundation for my business with confidence. Since incorporating her templates and tools I've been able to engage my prospective clients in a more impactful way and have literally landed every single client that has approached me since! She’s given me the knowledge I needed to run smoothly and efficiently. I feel like I have a friend cheering me on and I’m very excited for what my business future holds!"

"...have literally landed every single client that has approached me since!"

- Tosha, Peach Media

Questions about the course?
I’ve got answers.


What gear will I need to complete this course?

At the minimum you’ll need a digital camera, tripod, remote, reflector and access to Adobe editing programs. I specifically teach tutorials in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and After Effects. For those who want to go pro, you'll need studio lighting, a tethering cord and a license Dragonframe for the best results.


How long does this course take to complete?

I specifically designed this course for you to be able to learn at your own pace. You can binge it over the course of a week and create your portfolio work as you go, or you can complete a single module each week. It’s totally up to you and I encourage you to take your time and go at your own speed.


How long will I have access to the course?

You'll have access for lifetime of the course, with a guarantee of one solid year. If I shut down this course one day, I'll provide ample notice. If you’re a founding member with a 1:1 mentor session, you must reach out and complete your session within 60 days of your purchase date or it will automatically expire.


Is there anyone who SHOULD NOT take this course?

If you don't feel comfortable working a real camera, learning advanced software, don’t enjoy self-paced learning, and aren’t ready to put in the necessary work to master a new skill, then this course is not for you. We expect everyone taking the course to bring a positive, "can-do" attitude essential for learning new skills - because we know you can. 


What skills do I need to possess in order to be successful in this course?

This course is for you if feel confident shooting with a real camera, not just your phone. Stop motion is essentially photos strung together, so your photography skills will directly relate to your stop motion’s quality. Basic photo editing, studio lighting, video editing and retouching will also be very helpful for this course. 


I’m new to photography, are you sure I can take this course?

It is definitely possible to create a cool stop motion without shooting in manual mode, but if you’re hoping to learn about the basics of photography, this course is not for you. If you're an amateur photographer who knows the technical side of their camera but isn't sure how to land clients, this course will fast-track your growth. 


Do you offer refunds for this course?

Due to the nature of digital products and gaining instant access to the entire course, all sales are final and non-refundable. If you have any questions about if this course is right for you, feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram or email me at hello@ouicreatestudio.com before purchasing. 


If I have questions during the course, can I reach out to you?

Absolutely! If you have questions during this course or in the future, leave me a message in the private Oui Academy Facebook Group and I’ll respond as quickly as possible, giving you the ongoing support you need.


Can other kinds of creatives take this course is you don't want to be an animator?

This course was designed for photographers who want to learn stop motion and build a commercial portfolio. Modules 3-5 are specifically animation related. The four other modules would be helpful for any creative who wants to create commercial work and attract paying clients. You may want to consider 1:1 mentoring instead, where we can work together on the same strategies but tailored to your niche. Email me if you have questions and we can discuss - hello@ouicreatestudio.com. 

Empowering fellow female creatives to monetize their passions means everything to me.

I have found a job I absolutely ​love​ that gives me so much freedom and joy -- and I want you to have the same. You deserve to create a life you love, and I’m confident that mastering stop motion will help you do that. With animation you get to revisit the wonder of being a child and truly ​play​ again. I know your profitable, freedom-filled business is just around the corner. Join me and we’ll build your dream business together.

Are you As Excited as I Am?

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Are you As Excited as I Am?

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Are you As Excited as I Am?

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Are you As Excited as I Am?

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Are you As Excited as I Am?

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Are you As Excited as I Am?

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Are you As Excited as I Am?

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Are you As Excited as I Am?

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Are you As Excited as I Am?

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Ready to accelerate your animation skills and
 level up your portfolio from home?