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In this hour long workshop I’ll show you exactly what stop motion is,  how easy it is to create magic for your clients and break down the numbers so you can see how profitable learning this skill is.

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Ah, contracts. The most exciting element of business ownership!
 Well, after landing new clients, creating content, editing, collaborating with new people, marketing, sending proposals, invoicing, bookkeeping, paying taxes, and… well, just about everything else. Alright, fine, they’re the least exciting. But contracts are important, so even though they’re a bit boring, they’re a must for every creative entrepreneur with a growing business like yours. 

Benefits of our contract template:
- Clear deliverables and delivery schedule
- Payment schedule (with 50% retainer upfront)
- Stop motion specific clauses to protect you, save you time, and       protect against incurring additional fees
- Two templates options (keeping or selling copyright)
- Intellectual property protection
- Clauses for timely client communication 
- Various legal jargon for a buttoned up, safeguarded contract 


Stop Motion Contract Template

The contract templates are intended for general information purposes only and should not be relied upon. Although all clauses have been created in tandem with a lawyer and reviewed by a third party lawyer and are crafted based on my years of experience creating stop motion for clients, this document is not subject to review or legal updates, and I cannot guarantee that it will be fully compliant with your business requirements, activity or tax status or with applicable law or the law of the country where you operate or provide services. Therefore, please alter or update any policies you wish to change - this is just a starting off point as you begin to customize it to your specific services and workflows. 
Oui Create LLC and is not a law firm. Nothing on this website is legal advice and this document therefore does not constitute the provision of legal advice, nor is it a substitute for individual, tailored legal advice or support for your specific circumstances. No attorney-client relationship is formed by purchasing or viewing a contract template. You should seek independent legal and/or tax advice on this document.

If you have a specific problem and need legal advice, contact a licensed attorney.


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We've curated a one-stop-shop for you to seamlessly explore all our favorite gear and business tools. From camera lenses to prop styling tools, this is a detailed look at the exact gear we love.


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This stop motion specific contract is backed by years of trial and error through tons of stop motion client projects. Your contract will protect and serve you so you can focus on creative.




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Use this customizable creative proposal to pitch your ideas to your clients in a thoughtful, clear and professional way. It will show your value and understanding of their products and goals. 



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