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In this hour long workshop I’ll show you exactly what stop motion is,  how easy it is to create magic for your clients and break down the numbers so you can see how profitable learning this skill is.

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Hi there! I'm Claire - Founder and Creative Director of Oui Create! With my BFA in animation and over decade in commercial advertising, I'm here to be your creative fairy godmother and virtual hype woman.

When I’m not in the studio, you’ll likely find me swing dancing to live jazz around Los Angeles, hosting a murder mystery dinner party, or cuddled up with my twin ginger cats Fred and George. 

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5 Ways Brands Can Stand Out on Social

For Clients

Quality over quantity – What you’re producing is a lot more important than how often. Next time you’re about to post on social, ask yourself… Is this valuable? Is this entertaining? Is this relevant?  These 3 questions will help make sure that your content is always in line with what your target audience wants to see.

Branding is key – Develop a unique style for your brand so that your audience will automatically recognize it in their feed. Establish consistent branding from fonts to colors to graphic templates. Make sure you’re also writing your captions with the same brand voice every time! This is the easiest way to help your followers get to know you and your brand.

Prompt audience engagement – Include an element of involvement by asking your audience to give their input on your post by commenting their feedback, clicking the link in your bio, responding to the question box in your story…you get the picture! Be specific, and be engaging.

Focus on human connection – Brands aren’t human, but the people behind them are. Allow your audience to get to know the human behind your brand by showing your face and connecting with the people that follow you. Focus on creating a connection and serving your followers instead of always selling. 

Implement video content – Video performs better than any other form of content on social media. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your posts, include an element of video! Whether it’s a funny gif, a stop motion animation, or a clip of you talking about your brand, your audience is sure to love it (and so is the Instagram algorithm).

More tips coming soon!

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